The Palatine Museum (June, 2013)

August 9, 2013

They’ve considerably improved the lighting in much of the Palatine Museum since the last time I was there.

Apollo fresco, Palatine Museum (060113)


Asklepios, Palatine Museum INV 1115, ca150 CE (060113)


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Classically-themed paintings from the Legion of Honor

November 30, 2011

Entrance to the Palace of the Legion of Honor

Ruins with a Sybil by Giovanni Paolo Panini, 1731

Ruins with a prophet by Giovanni Paolo Panini, 1731


Lucretia by Joos van Cleve, ca. 1525

Detail of Jacopo di Arcangelo's Brutus and Portia, ca. 1485

Tivoli at Sunset by Gellée, ca. 1643

Diana and Endymion by Dandré-Bardon, 1726 CE


Detail of a Roman scene by Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, ca. 1788 CE