Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

November 29, 2011

The Palace of the Legion of Honor has a nice little collection of classical antiquities.

Season sarcophagus, ca. 270 CE


Glass flasks, Roman, Eastern Mediterranean


Torso of Hermes, 2nd century CE


Figurine of a dancing woman, Sicily, 2nd century BCE


Cycladic figure, ca. 2500 BCE

Asklepios, 2nd century BCE



Corning Museum of Glass

July 18, 2010

Lots of beautiful glass objects at the Corning Museum of Glass with plenty of attention paid to the ancient world:

The Morgan Cup (CE 1-50)

Fragment with Eve (4th century CE)

Ribbed Bowl (25 BCE - 50 CE)

Ribbon Glass Cup (25 BCE - CE 50)

Cup signed by Ennion (mid-first century CE)

Kelsey Museum (University of Michigan)

March 22, 2010

I’d never been there before but apparently it was recently renovated and expanded. Well worth a visit!

Bust of a Flavian or Trajanic man

Grain mill

Spurius family inscription from Cumae, second century BCE

Bust, possibly of a Roman empress, CE 200-225.

Detail of 5th century BCE kylix (drinking cup) featuring man pressing grapes

Glass unguentarium from Fayum region (2nd century CE)