Review of Patterns

September 1, 2009

My review of Patterns in the Economy of Roman Asia Minor is now available here.


Quotes of the Day

July 11, 2009

Even the continuity in the most elevated ranks of the senate was probably no exception: any system where chances of survival vary as much around the mean as they did is bound to have a small number of lucky winners. We are wrong to assume that in a game of dice those who keep throwing sixes are any different from those who don’t. They do win, however.

– Willem Jongman “A Golden Age. Death, Money Supply and Social Succession in the Roman Empire.” In Elio Lo Cascio (ed.) Credito e Moneta nel Mondo Romano (2003) 194.

Among past scholars, there have only been two who can be regarded as having known the Republican coinage through and through, and Sydenham is not one of them. Nor did he know anything of Republican history or institutions; his book is a blindfold journey back into darkness.

– M. H. Crawford “Mint and Moneyer in the Roman Republic.” Journal of Roman Studies 65 (1975) 178.

Souvenir from Gela?

May 25, 2009


Gela reverse (web)


Found at my parents’ house, this is (apparently) a reproduction of a coin from Gela, a Greek city-state on the south coast of Sicily where, for some reason, Aeschylus died.