CfP: Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy (Atlanta, 2015)

January 16, 2015

The call for papers for the Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy program unit:

The Early Christianity and Ancient Economy program unit sponsors three projects: The first project involves a study of all the major aspects of the economy in the ancient world, especially the Roman Empire. The second project examines first-century early Christianity both in relationship to the ancient economy and in regard to its own economic aspects. The third project does the same for Christianity in the second to the fifth centuries. Both synchronic and diachronic studies are encouraged, as are contributions focused on specific issues (such as money, texts, authors, themes, and events). Paper proposals for all three projects are welcomed, especially those that make use of papyri, inscriptions, and other realia. At least two sessions are planned for the meeting in Atlanta. Those submitting a proposal should designate in the Abstract the project for which the paper should be considered.