Pompeii or Locked Out (June, 2013)

I enjoyed my visit to Pompeii. I really did! But in the last twenty years I have never seen so many locked houses and inaccessible areas. However, Pompeii being such a gigantic site, I still saw some great things I’d never seen before…

Locked out, Pompeii (060313)

At least you can see some of the mosaics and frescoes here…

Vietato l'accesso sign, Pompeii (060313)

Keep out!


Amphitheater, Pompeii (060313)


Bedroom, brothel, Pompeii (060313)

A bedroom in the Lupanar (brothel)

Caserma dei Gladiatori, Pompeii (060313)

Caserma dei Gladiatori

Diana & Actaeon, House of Menander, Pompeii (070313)

Diana and Actaeon from the House of Menander

Forum, Pompeii (060313)

In the forum

House of Menander, Pompeii (060313)

House of Menander

Large Theater, Pompeii (060313)

The large theater

Macellum, Pompeii (070313)

Macellum by the forum

Small theater, Pompeii (060313)

Odeon or ‘small theater’

Tempio di Iside, Pompeii (060313)

Temple of Isis

Vesuvius from Pompeii (060313)

Vesuvius from the forum

Vineyard, Pompeii (060313)



2 Responses to Pompeii or Locked Out (June, 2013)

  1. Nick says:

    Did you ask why all the closures? Budget issues?

  2. DBH says:

    What I heard was that it’s mainly safety concerns. Given recent collapses, I’m sure they’re worried about people getting injured. Many of the locked houses have signs up in front of them detailing maintenance projects. Work seemed to be in progress at several sites. I’m sure that security, as always, is another reason for the closures. Also, a few sites were open but only by appointment. Pompeii has recently gotten substantial funds to help with preservation/restoration but it may be a while before visitors start to see results. In a way, I see the closures as a very hopeful sign…

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