Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (Naples Archaeological Museum)

This is my favorite museum in Italy. Like the Capitoline and Palatine Museums in Rome, the Naples Archaeological Museum has seen significant improvements in recent years. In particular, the lighting seemed better in many galleries. If you’re visiting the Naples area and have any interest in antiquity, you need to go here. A trip to Pompeii or Herculaneum is not really complete if you don’t also see the artifacts taken from those sites. Considering the current inaccessibility of vast swathes of Pompeii (see forthcoming post), I’d suggest visiting the museum instead of the site if you have a limited amount of time. Also, if you’re visiting Rome, be aware that the museum is easily reachable from Rome by train for a day trip. These photos don’t even begin to do justice to the breadth and quality of the collection:

Europa fresco, Casa di Giasone, Pompeii, MAN Naples, INV 111475 (060213)

Europa about to depart for Crete

Musicians mosaic, MAN Naples (060213)

Street musicians, late Republican mosaic by Dioscorides

Unknown woman, MAN Naples INV 6062 (060213)

Best hair in Campania

Pyrrhus (Naples Archaeological Museum)


Ninfeo niche, Herculaneum, CdScheletro, III,3 (MAN Naples INV10008)

Niche from a nymphaeum, House of the Skeleton at Herculaneum

Landscape fresco, MAN Naples (060213)

Landscape fresco

Architectural landscape fresco, villa near Portici, MAN Naples, INV 8593 (060213)

Fresco of an architectural landscape




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